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Friday, 2 February 2018

The Sweetest Ruin by Amy George - Except and Giveaway

Blog Tour: The Sweetest Ruin by Amy George
Today I'm happy to be welcoming Amy George back to the blog. Amy's last book, Second Impressions was a 'what if' of Pride & Prejudice, changing the original course of events and seeing the results a few years down the line. Her latest book, The Sweetest Ruin, has a very different setting, being in another country and a couple of hundred years later! I'll share the blurb with you and then we'll hand over to Amy for an excerpt from the book.

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Plans for February 2018

Why, hello there, reading chums! How was January in your neck of the woods? I gave myself a little blog break for January, because I had some things I needed to get sorted. We are planning to have our home extended (eeeek!) so I was sorting out the financing of all that, along with some other business things. I found myself channeling Miss Bingley...
"How many letters you must have occasion to write in the course of the year! Letters of business, too! How odious I should think them!" 
"It is fortunate, then, that they fall to my lot instead of to yours.
If only Mr Darcy had been there to sort things for me! Ah well.

I didn't have much energy for reading, so what reading I managed was mostly audio, on my commutes and while cleaning. I listened to a book about forming habits (seasonal, New Year's resolution reading!) and I am currently listening to some performances of Agatha Christie Poirot stories, which I'm enjoying very much. I've also been reading an illustrated book, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, with my children. Since I've been reading it aloud it's taken quite a few nights but we're nearing the end. We also watched the film of the book, and it underlined for me how great it is if you can read the book as well as watch a film, the details, characters and humour are all so much richer and more detailed in a book. Although this eats into my reading time it's definitely time well-spent. I have the next Harry Potter book, so my next read with them will either be that, or perhaps The Railway Children by E Nesbit. This was a childhood favourite of mine so I am hoping to win them over to it, and I've bought an illustrated version of that too.

So, let me tell you about my plans for February. We will begin with visitors...

Book cover: The Sweetest Ruin by Amy George
Firstly, I am taking part in the blog tour for Amy George's book The Sweetest Ruin, which is a modern P&P story set in Las Vegas. Amy will be sharing an excerpt with us, which I hope you'll enjoy.

Author Amy D'Orazio
I'll also be taking part in the blog tour for Amy D'Orazio's new book, A Short Period of Exquisite Felicity, which comes out on Valentine's day. The blog tour is a little later. I have read lots of Amy's unpublished work, but I'm not sure whether this is something I'll recognise or if it'll be entirely new to me. I really enjoy her writing, and jumped at the chance to review it, but I was taking a bit of risk because the angst levels in her stories range from low angst to 'oh-my-goodness-I-might-keel-over' angst and I don't know where this one comes in on the scale! I have read the blurb and it sounds very enticing... and that's all I'm saying for now, but I will tell you all about it later in the month. The cover reveal is happening over at Just Jane 1813 next week.

As for my reading plans, I have some review books to catch up on from last year, so I'm hoping to get to some of those, and also I'd like to get in some seasonal Valentine's Day reading. What do you have planned for February? Did you read any corkers in January? Let me know in the comments :)

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Monday, 1 January 2018

Winner - Christmas at Darcy House by Victoria Kincaid

Book cover: Christmas at Darcy House by Victoria Kincaid
Recently I was joined by Victoria Kincaid, who brought us a guest post, excerpt and giveaway of her latest book, Christmas at Darcy House. You can read the post here. The winner was chosen using a random number generator, and that winner is...

Jo's Daughter

Congratulations to you! I will be in touch.

Thank you to everybody who enjoyed the post, and commented, and of course, huge thanks to Victoria for the guest post and giveaway. If you weren't lucky but want to prolong the Christmas period, you can buy the book at Amazon USAmazon UK and others. you can also add it to your Goodreads shelf.

Pick of the Year - 2017

I hope you've enjoyed the last few weeks, whether you've been celebrating or not. I found 2017 a hard year for lots of reasons. It has been a struggle for me to read this year, which in turn makes everything harder. One area of my reading that has flourished is audio reading. I've really enjoyed listening to audio books while commuting, taking a lunchtime walk or while carrying out housework. This is something I mean to continue in 2018.

Being a stupidly optimistic person I always like to make New Year resolutions :) 2018 is a year when I want to focus on three areas - my physical health, mental health and financial health, so aside from eating more healthily, losing weight and sleeping more I also need to prioritise some reading time for myself. That's the aim and I really need to achieve it. Being a list-maker, I have lists and lists of books I need to read, such as review copies that kind people have provided me with, books I have bought or received as gifts and some freebies that I'd really like to read, so I have plenty to choose from for my upcoming reads. I hope to mix up my reading between those lists and at least make a dent in them.

The flipside of having had such a poor reading year in terms of numbers of books read means that I haven't had to narrow down my picks of the year much! Luckily, although I haven't read much, the books I've read have been corkers! Let's jump right in, shall we!

Friday, 22 December 2017

Christmas at Darcy House by Victoria Kincaid - Guest Post and Giveaway

Book cover: Christmas at Darcy House by Victoria Kincaid
Today I'm welcoming Victoria Kincaid back to the blog. Victoria has a new book out which spends Christmas at Darcy House and she's come here with a guest post and international giveaway. Let's look at the blurb and then hand over to Victoria for a guest post.

Sunday, 17 December 2017

Winner - Pride, Prejudice and a Shakespearean Scholar by Regina Jeffers

Book Cover: Pride, Prejudice and a Shakespearean Scholar by Regina Jeffers
Recently I was joined by Regina Jeffers, who brought us a factual post about the Militia in Jane Austen's time, and an excerpt of her latest book, Pride, Prejudice and a Shakespearean Scholar. This is a forced marriage scenario, where Darcy and Elizabeth have to marry early on without really knowing each other, and without any trust having built up between them. You can read the post here.

Regina was giving away an ebook of Pride, Prejudice and a Shakespearean Scholar to a commenter on the post. The winner was chosen using a random number generator, and that person was...

J W Garrett

Congratulations to you! I will be in touch.

Thank you so much to Regina for her informative and interesting post, and for the giveaway. All the best with this latest story!

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Winners' Post - A Very Austen Christmas and Elizabeth Adams Book Bundle

I have a huge apology to make to you, I have been very late in posting the winners of A Very Austen Christmas and the Elizabeth Adams book bundle. This has been due to some sad news; I had a bereavement which was quite unexpected and so my mind and energies were directed towards that. But now I'm back in work and picking up the usual threads. Please forgive my neglect of you.

Book Cover: A Very Austen Christmas by Robin Helm, Laura Hile, Wendi Sotis and Barbara Cornthwaite
I can bring you a double winners' post today. Firstly, I was visited by the authors of the anthology A Very Austen Christmas. We had an excerpt from Laura Hiles' story in the collection, and a giveaway of an ebook of the stories was offered. The winner, chosen at random was...



Elizabeth Adams prize bundle
Next, Elizabeth Adams came by with an excerpt of the re-released Green Card. I read the original version and enjoyed it very much, but I haven't read the new one yet. Elizabeth was offering a giveaway of all 5 of her ebooks, Green CardThe HouseguestUnwillingMeryton Vignettes and On Equal Grounds.

The winner, chosen at random, was...


Congratulations to you both. I will be in touch.

Thank you so much to everybody who commented, the authors for the giveaways, and everybody for their patience.

Monday, 11 December 2017

Pride, Prejudice and the Shakespearean Scholar by Regina Jeffers - Guest Post, Excerpt and Giveaway

Book cover: Pride, Prejudice and a Shakespearean Scholar by Regina Jeffers
Today I'm welcoming Regina Jeffers back to the blog with a factual post about the militia. She's also bringing an excerpt and giveaway of her new book, Pride, Prejudice and a Shakespearean Scholar! Let's hand over to Regina.

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Tuesday, 5 December 2017

All the Things I Know by Audrey Ryan - Blog Tour ,Guest Post and Giveaway

All the Things I Know by Audrey Ryan - Blog Tour
Today I'm happy to be welcoming Audrey Ryan here with a character interview from her new book, All the Things I Know. This is a young adult book which transports Pride & Prejudice to modern-day Seattle. I'll share the book description and then hand over to Audrey.

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Collide by Melanie Stanford - Blog Tour - Guest Post and Giveaway

Book Cover: Collide by Melanie Stanford
Today I'm joined by Melanie Stanford. Melanie is the writer of Sway and Clash, which are both nods to Austen's Persuasion, the first book being a modernisation of Anne and Captain Wentworth's story, and the second being a follow on focusing on the Elizabeth Eliot character. Melanie's latest book, Collide is a modernised version of North and South. These are pretty rare; in fact, I don't think that I've ever read one.

If you haven't read Mrs Gaskell's North and South I would heartily recommend that you do so. It's a wonderful book, looking at people across class divides and differences between the North and South of Victorian England. There is also a bit of a Pride & Prejudice-ish style romance and arguably the most delicious hero ever. John Thornton is an amazing man - both in terms of business and as a person. He runs a successful business from humble beginnings but what is more admirable than this are his personal qualities - he is hardworking, honourable and fair. He isn't perfect, and by the end of the novel has become a bit of a philanthropist, in addition to being a wonderful son and a loyal man ...... thump.... just swooned! You can see why something this complex, looking at Victorian issues might well be hard to translate to a modern day story and that is just what Melanie is here to discuss today. She's also brought a giveaway! Read on for more details.